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New definition of wealth — a permaculture definition

Hi folks.

Still stuck in Dublin. However, I’m still ‘alive and learning’ from┬ámagazines, books, blogs, and the internet. I was listening, yesterday, to a podcast (no. 089) on the permaculture website permies.com. It’s a phone conversation between the (rather loud) American host, Paul Wheaton, and a genius of permaculture, Australian, Geoff Lawton. (GeoffLawton.com)

He says, during the conversation, that the average industrial worker does 40 to 60 hours a week and, in his opinion, all he has to show for his labour is … gadgets.

On the other hand, he referred to people who survive on their permaculture produce with just 12 hours work per week and what they have in return, is the following:

  • Clean air,
  • Clean water
  • Clean food
  • Sensible housing
  • Warmth
  • Friendship and
  • Community

“This is wealth” he says. “There’s no value in money. It only buys you gadgets!”


As a total aside, I am the delighted victim of serendipity today. I was talking to my wife just yesterday, saying “I’d love to grow a kiwi fruit up that eucalyptus tree” in our garden. Then this afternoon, my daughter phoned me to say she had just bought me a kiwi plant at a Garden fete in Claregalway in Co. Galway. Cool or what? Fresh kiwis from the garden … and I bet you thought it was a tropical fruit!

I’ll report on its development as time passes. I’ll have to take a cutting for Donegal.

Till next time, God bless.